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 Welcome to the Wineglass Ranch website. We are proud to announce that the Wineglass Ranch has been providing peace of mind and greeting travelers since 1998. Additionally we have been raising and training working Border Collies for the past twenty years. Our collies are registered with the American Border Collie Association and are bred for temperament and working ability and make excellent companion animals for physically active families. Being lifetime members of both the American Border collie Association and the United States Border Collie Handler's Association, we strongly support the preservation and protection of the working aspect of the Border Collie. 

Although our love is herding, we also offer obedience, puppy training, and behavior training. See Our Packages and Programs for more information.

Herding Dogs


Herding dogs have long been an important component to the livestock industry through out the world and in modern times we are seeing an increased interest in herding on the part of individuals who are not involved with livestock on a daily basis but who are interested in working with their dogs and helping preserve the talents and abilities of the many herding breeds. Competitive herding trials are increasing in number and variety across the country. These competitions mimic different aspects of practical farm work performed by shepherds and their dogs. The American Border Collie Association has produced an excellent video to explain the different components of a modern sheep dog competition.  Just Click on the link to watch "How Sheepdog Trials Relate to Practical Farm Work"

Herding Training


First your dog needs to pass a herding evaluation test to determine if sheep herding is appropriate for your dog. This evaluation is conducted with an instructor and a few sheep in a small contained area. For the safety of all concerned, you dog will be tethered to a long line while the evaluation is conducted. As many dogs immediately charge and chase the sheep, the instructor will attempt to mold that primal behavior into some form of proper herding behavior. If your dog shows a tendency for herding instinct you will be issued a certificate of satisfaction and invited to sign up for herding lessons. Herding Instinct testing is offered throughout the year and is by preregistered appointment only. For a glimpse of herding at the highest level watch the PBS Special about Meeker, Colorado and the Meeker Classic.  "The Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trials" 

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